VIP Program

One-on-one instructions from mentors

Resume polishing from HR mentors

Referring job opportunities for VIP

Help until you get the offer

Business Analyst Bootcamp

Model automation and data visualisation

English speaking project environment

Interprete complex data with coach

Local real-life technical project

Free Live Tutorial

Seizing job offer with lowest cost

Analysing job description

Industry insight sharing

Interview skills sharing

Digital Marketing Internship

100% guaranteed Google ads certificates

100% operating data through Google ads

100% corporate recommendation

100% join Google ads campaign

Companion Through Your Job Acquiring Process

Experienced coach team, conduct career planning

Free comprehensive evaluation, customized plan

CV and CL sessions, keep polishing your CV and CL

Multiple mock interview, impart industry knowledge

Extra bonus: Free events and boocamps participation

Business Analyst Bootcamp In Agile Environment

Real-life project data and financial models

English speaking environment during the project

Live meeting, keep providing suggestion and feedback

BA field and enrich personal data analysis experience

Every Weekly Live Tutorial

Using this online website

The master tutor starts at 7:30 PM every Friday

Avoid job search detours and give more possibilities

Scan the SQ code to join the live WeChat group

An Internship Where Google Ads Are Actually Placed

Post project experience on LinkedIn to polish yourself

Company provided funds for conduct a Google campaign

Real advertising data analysis and advertising optimization

100% obtained Google ads certificates and reference letter